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One of my favorite sculptures in Liverpool is Lambbanana.

The name says it – it’s part Lamb and part Banana.

Super Lamb Banana referenced Liverpool’s history of lamb and banana trade.

Sheep and bananas were common cargos in the docks of Liverpool.

The original Super Lamb Banana was a concrete and steel sculpture located on the Strand.

You can see them all over Liverpool in different colors.

It was originally created by artist Taro Chiezo and commissioned for the Art Transpennine Exhibition of 1998.

Chiezo only created a four-inch model and the full size was made by four local artists:  Julian Taylor, Tommy Reason, Andy Small, and Ray Stokes.

They are super cute and a trademark of Liverpool – you can buy them for souvenir.

I got me a little yellow fridge magnet lambbanana.

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Museums, museums, museums….

I like visiting museums so every time we are in a new city I explore what kind of museums are there and what would I like to see.

In Liverpool you have really a lot of museums and most of them are free to visit – no entrance fee at all. 🙂

Our second day there we spent the whole day in the museums.

There are 4 museums at the Albert Dock.

First, we visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

maritime museum

There you can see lots of boats, 70 of them full size and the model of the Titanic and Lusitania.

Also a lot of paintings and photograph regarding the Battle of Atlantic in WW2.


There is also a Tate museum – a museum of modern arts.

I’m not really a fan of modern arts, but we decided to take a look.

Tate Liverpool is the home of the National Collection of Modern Art.

The museum has 4 floors and a lot of paintings, sculptures and installations.

Still not my thing – in all of modern art museums I usually find maybe 2 things that I like.

Then we went to the museum of Liverpool – the museum is in an interesting building by the River Mersey.

There you can see how it was growing up in Liverpool, Liverpool Overhead Railway, King’s Regiment collection, regional archaeology collection and also a range of Beatles related material.


A really good museum.

Our last museum for the day was the World Museum. This museum is located in William Brown Street.

It’s in a beautiful neoclassical building. Also a very good museum where you can see the Roman sculpture collection, Ancient Egypt collection, Zoology collection, Botany, Geology and much more.

These four museums were all for free. We also visited some museum with an entry fee, but about them some other time.

museum of Liverpool


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