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The Desert

Early in the morning about 6 AM we went to our two-day trip to the Sahara desert.

Our first stop was in the city of Kaiouran where we visited the carpet factory.

There was a store where you could buy a carpet and there were also handbags. I bought myself one little leather handbag.
Kariouan is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has the biggest mosque in Tunisia.
After we drove for a while and went to the place where we left the bus and went for a ride in jeeps.
We went to the Atlas mountains and visited some Desert Oasis, one of them is where the English patient was filmed.

We bought a Desert rose there for only 1 dinar.
Then we went to Tozeur and visited a little Zoo where we had a funny guide who told us about animals and showed us how the Camel likes to drink Cola.

We spend the night in a hotel in Tozeur.
Tozeur is a city and oasis.
We had to get up very early in the morning, about 4 am, because we went to the Chott El Jerid – the largest salt lake in Sahara.

There we watched the Sun rising.
Our next destination was Douz where we meet our guide who took us to our ride on Camels.
That was very funny and we had a great time. The Camels took us to the desert and there we made some photos and took some sand for souvenir.
Afternoon was reserved for Matmata. It’s a small Berber town. Some of the local Berbers live in traditional underground troglodyte houses.

We visited one of them. The typical structures are created by digging a large pit in the ground. The Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata was used as a filming location for Star Wars.

There we had organized lunch and had some common food for that area: Cous cous, vegetables…

After lunch and buying some souvenirs (there are the cheapest souvenirs) we headed back to Yasmine Hammamet. We stopped in El Jem and visited the Amphitheater.
And that was it… Our adventure in Tunisia was over…Till next time

Tunisia part 3.

On our second day in Tunisia we took a trip to the capital City – Tunis. Tunis is Tunisia’s largest city. (more…)

Tunisia part 2.

In the morning after breakfast we had a meeting with our travel agent.

They offered us some trips that we could take and tell us little bit about the country.

We decided to explore a little for that first day.

First we take a walk around hotel. It is actually 2 hotels together and you can use the facilities of both hotels.

We had 2 restaurants where we had breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then there was an Italian and Turkey restaurant where you had to make reservation but was also free.

Lobby room was quite big and there we could relax and have a drink.

Also if you like wine you have a Wine bar where they serve they local wine.

On the beach and on the pool you could get pancakes.

After exploring the hotel we went for a walk. Near the hotel we found the amusement park so we decided to go there.

The name of the amusement park is „Carthage land“.

It is a small park with few roller-coasters , small zoo and you can ride a Camel there also.

We had a great time there. At one moment it started to rain so everybody came to the Bumper cars and we crashed with cars about one hour until the rain stopped.

There were tourists and locals and was very fun.

After that we went back to hotel but first we girls got a henna tattoo. It’s a short-term tattoo that local women there do.

That was it for the first day. Dinner in the hotel and tasting all kinds of cocktails in the Lobby before we went to bed.


I’m really not a Winter person. I like Sun and warmth and can’t wait for Spring to come back.

I believe that is because I’m always cold. My hands and my feet can’t stand anything under 10 degrees. (more…)

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