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There are many amusement parks in Italy. One of the famous is Gardaland.

Gardaland is located at the lake Garda which is near Verona in Italy. The park was opened in 1975. From Croatia there are many one or two day tours through the year that are very affordable so it is a very popular destination. Good thing about the park is that the attractions are divided in three categories: Adrenaline, Adventure and Fantasy.

Everybody can find something for himself. Adrenaline is of course for those who like fast rides and exciting roller coasters and are not afraid of anything. Adventure is for those little less courage but still fun and exciting, and Fantasy is mostly for little children.

So let’s get to know some of the rides and attractions. (more…)

Let’s go :)

My very first trip out of my country was to Italy.

I was walking one day by the Tourist agency and saw the trip to Gardaland. I talk to some of my friends and we decided to go. It was a 2 day tour. First day we went to Verona and Safari park nearby and the second day was for Gardaland. (more…)

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