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Yas Water World


We spend a whole day in Yas water world and it was awesome.

It’s a water park with lot of water slides, some are fun and relaxing and some are adventurous.

You can choose what you like.

There is also a section for smaller children, wave pool, free fall and a rollercoaster.

Floors are very hot and it’s very hard to walk barefoot, but by every pool you have a shoe storage cabinet so you can leave your flip flops there and take them when you go somewhere else.

My only complaint is that you have to pay extra for the safety lockers and they are not cheap.

 They should be in the price of the ticket or much cheaper.

Some of the slides and attractions we tried:

  1.      Amwaj Wave Pool – Wave pool is awesome!

There is a display with the time when the waves are gonna start so you take a float and go as close to the wall and wait .

 Waves are small and relaxing, when they start you just let go and enjoy.

     2.     Al Raha River

This is a relaxing tube ride and I liked it very much. Like floating through the river.


     3.     Yadi Yas

It’s like the Al Raha River but calmer


  1.      Bandit Bomber

This is a rollercoaster and there should be splashing water effects but when we were riding there wasn’t any.

We tried lots of roller coasters so this one was meh. Maybe it would be better with effects.


  1.      Falcons Falaj

It’s a six seater float with twist and turns, drops and excitement . You just have to hold on tight for the float. Fun!


  1.      Hamlools Humps

You fly down Hamlool’s Humps, it’s very high and a little scary but adrenaline 100%

By this waterslide is also a Jebel Drop which is the park’s steepest waterslide and a little too much for me so I didn’t try it.

Hamlools Humps

Hamlools Humps


  1.      Sebag

This is a slide with six lanes, not so scary like Hamlools Humps and Jebel Drop.

This all rides are on the same place so when you go up you can decide which one you would like to try. It looks a lot scarier from up there.


  1.      Slithers Slides

This one we used most times. There are 6 different slides – snakes , you came down through the snakes head.

That was good training because for all the slides you need to go up the stairs, many stairs.

Slithers Slides

Slithers Slides


  1.      Liwa Loop

Ooooo the Liwa loop. This was something my husband really wanted to try so we went. I’m not really for that kind of things because of my fear of heights.

But I wanted to try it.

It’s a free fall waterslide!!

You drop straight down into a high-intensity looping waterslide.

I never felt so much adrenaline and never screamed so much.

Few seconds I had to hold my breath because the water was going into my mouth and nose, but it is over very fast.

I’m not sure if I would do it again but it was once in a lifetime experience.

My husband wanted to go again J


There are few dining places there, ice cream shop and also a souvenir shop.

There are also photographers making photos on lots of slides and you can buy them later.

But we had our waterproof camera and I could take photos on my one.

They even let my husband with the camera into Liwa Loop , filming his drop .

Yas water world was great fun for us and  I we would recommend it to everybody and come again if  I could  🙂










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