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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is an amusement park that is inside Yas Mall. Indoor amusement park.

As the name said it is all about the Ferrari.


So if you are a fan of cars and especially Ferrari this is a place to visit.

It has roller coasters  and different rides, but there is also some Ferraris in display to look at, karting, movie about creating a Ferrari, driving experiences…

You pay a entrance fee which is not  cheap but if you buy it online and in advance you can get a discount to 15% and the best deal is if you buy combo ticket for Yas Water World and Ferrari World.

Most attractions are for free but for some you have to pay extra. Like the karting which is the cheapest and only one we payed for. Others  were more expensive and we didn’t want to pay more.

Here are the attractions we tried:

Bell’ Italia is the ride in a retro car through the Italy, it’s a slow ride and suitable for everyone. It’s just to bad that some Italian music wasn’t playing.

Benno’s Great Race is something for the children, also a slow ride through the world of Benno who is a mouse.

Cinema Maranello is a captivating film about how Enzo Ferrari made his  motoring dream become a reality.

Flying Aces is a rollercoaster  and a good one. I liked it.

Formula Rossa – they say it’s the fastest roller coaster. You get goggles and  you are blasted 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds . Good rollercoaster.

Galleria Ferrari is a gallery with collection of unique Ferrari’s.

Karting Academy is where you can take a ride in a karting car, you pay extra for it.

La piazza stage is where the performers make they shows .

Made in Maranello is a tour of the Ferrari factory where you can see how Ferrari is made.

Speed of magic is a 4D attraction.


Turbo track is a ride where you get shoot very fast forward and then come back slowly. It’s kind of cool but also very short.

Tyre twist is like the cups in other amusement parks. You sit in a tire and turn around until you get sick J

Viaggio in Italia – Take your seat, be elevated high into the dome of this multi-sensory simulator and look at the  spectacular Italian landscape. This one was very interesting because you get lifted very high but you really don’t have a feeling that you are so high.

Fiorano GT Challenge is another roller coaster  with parallel tracks and two coasters go in the same time – it’s like a race.  On this rollercoaster behind us was a obese guy who couldn’t get out of the chair and was stuck. I don’t know how they took im out .

Also there is a place where you can drive a remote control cars or a boat through the Venice.


It’s fun to spend few hours there, but you don’t need a whole day for it.

And because it’s indoor it’s not hot.






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