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Yas Beach Abu Dhabi

Yas Beach is located on sands of Yas Island. It’s a private Beach and you have to pay an entrance fee to enter, but if you stay in Radisson Blue hotel (or other Yas hotel) you get the ticket for free from the concierge.

There is a infinity pool  and kids pool, snack shop, towels for rent, pizza shop, beach lounge and the Yas beach store .

You can rent a Cabana if you want (too expensive for me) or use loungers for free.

It’s a sandy beach and probably nice if you are there in some other time and not in summer.

We were in Abu Dhabi in august and you can imagine how it is when the temperature is over 40 degrees.


We got on the beach around 10 AM and were the only one there, Yas beach just for us.

It was hot as hell and the water was very warm.

We looked around, dipped into water for a while and had the water on ice wich the waiter brings you to the beach (you can order other drinks an also alkohol).

After 11AM people start getting to the beach.


You have to take the bus to the beach or taxi – Yas Express bus is free and Radisson blue hotel has a complimentary bus that gets you to the beach for free also.

We were on the beach until 12 AM  and decided to go because it was to hot.

It’s nice , but I saw a nicer beaches. If you have a ticket definitely go to the beach but if you have to pay for entrance I’m not sure is worth.

Our next stop is Yas Mall.


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