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Ferry cross the Mersey

One thing you should do when in Liverpool is to go on the other side with the Ferry.

Just like the song said: Ferry cross the Mersey by the Gerry and the Pacemakers.

mersey ferry

We combined the Ferry ride with the museums and you can buy tickets online for the Spaceport & River Explorer Cruise wich includes entry to U-Boat Story.

At U-Boat Story, you will be able to look into the U-boat.

It has four sections with glass view . It gives you insight into life on board a submarine during war, and the  mystery of U-534.

Spaceport as the name says is a museum about space and science.


There is a 360° dome theatre.  It takes you to another galaxy!

In the Observatory you can explore sky and stars with the the world’s largest robotic telescope.

You can take a journey on a Cosmic Coaster for a space ride – just check when it’s open with the staff.

You can also see the milky way,  the solar system and wormhole.

It’s a nice half day excursion.

I most liked the dome theater and the Ferry ride.

I really love to ride a boat.

on the mersey ferry


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