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Vienna calling

Last year we didn’t make any plans for New year’s Eve. All of our friend had already some family get – together so we were stuck wit home&TV.

I didn’t fell like it. So I went to the travel agency, only few days before New year and looked for some one day tours to somewhere.

They had a One day trip to Budapest or to Vienna.

Since I ‘we never been to Vienna I decided that we go there.

In the morning on 31.12.16. we got on the bus and were on our way to Austria.

We got in in Vienna around 2 P.M.

First we went to Castle Schonbrunn, just for a while to look at it from the outside.


There was also a Christmas market.

After that our guide took us to see the Hundertwasser building.


He was a artist and architect and made some really beautiful and “happy looking” buildings.

Around 5 P.M. bus left us in the City center, where we walked a little and separated from the group.

We wanted to see the Prater so we took the Metro and went there.


My husband went to the high carousel, it is 117 meters high. I didn’t  want to go. He froze up there but he liked it. I was scared.

Then we went to the center and welcomed the new year in the main square.



At 2 A.M. the bus was waiting to take us back home.

I hope to visit Vienna again and spend some more time sightseeing.



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