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I love whales and thing that they are incredible creatures.

My biggest wish is to see them alive .

So when we planned our trip to Iceland , first thing on my „to do“ list was Whale watching.

I searched a little and decided to go on a Express Whale and Puffin tour with elding.is

I was very excited about this and nervous.

We took the expensive tour with the Rib boat. I thought that  with that tour we would have a better chance to see the whales  and be able to come closer to the animals.

We came there early because we had to put on equipment: goggles, life vest, overalls.

12 people can get on the Rib boat.

The weather was great, Sea was really calm.

First we went to see  puffins.  We spend a little time around them. I expected more.

Then we went to look for the Whales.

The ride on the Rib boat was fun and not as close as scary as a thought it would be.

On the beginning it was fun and later I just got sleepy from the waves and wind.

We saw some white beaked dolphins so we stopped and watched them, trying to get some pictures.

Then, after a while we went further in pursuit for the whales.

But didn’t see any. Not one. No whales. Such a disappointment for me.

I don’t know if I was more disappointed or sad. I think sad.

It was over to fast and we were heading back to main land.

It was nice watching the Reykjavik from the sea.

But I wouldn’t do it again, maybe on a normal boat. It wasn’t  so special and much more expensive than normal boat.

I know that they can’t guarantee you to see whales, but when you see on they website 92% sighting success – then you have to think whether you have such bad luck?

Maybe some other time in some other place I’ll get my wish come true.




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