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The land of Ice & Fire

Finally a short vacation for me. Only 5 days but fantastic destination.

As I always say : Better to travel a bit but not to travel at all.

I went to Iceland!



It was necessary to save a lot for this trip but it was worth it.

The cheapest ticket we found was from Zagreb to Vienna to Oslo to Reykjavik.

Lot of stops, but it was the cheapest and the longest wait we had was in Oslo – 8 hours.

In Wien we had only 40 minutes layover.

When we came to Oslo airport we went to find a place to sit down and maybe rest a little until our flight, which was in the morning.

We bought a Beer and  we sat down.

In front of us was a big „penis statue“ which was very interesting, oddly  and funny, because lot of people came to take a picture with the statue in various poses. 🙂


Oslo airport

After a while two guys came to sit beside us and we heard a familiar language so we ended up talking until morning.

The guys were very nice and interesting so the time passed very fast.

If they are reading this I’m sending  them big regards – Bojan & Ivan :), maybe we’ll meet again some day.

We came to Reykjavik around 09:00 AM.

We took a Flybus to the main bus station and from there we went with Straeto bus to our rented apartment which was in Búðagerði.

We left our stuff and went to Skarfabakki pier.


Skarfabakki pier

We bought a ticket to the boat and went to Viðey Island.

Viðey is the largest island of the Kollafjörður Bay in Iceland, near the Reykjavík.

It is the location of the Imagine Peace Tower, which is a “Tower of Light” built by Yoko Ono, in memory of  John Lennon.

peace tower

Peace tower

The Church in Viðey is one of the oldest in the country.

There are also many birds there.

Island can be explored both on foot and by bike.

It’s great for a short visit.

After visiting the Island we took a Sculpture and Shore walk from the pier to the Harpa.

That was our first day in Iceland.


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