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Tour the Europe – last day

Our last day on the Tour we spent in Amsterdam.

That was the plan. We were on our way to Dover and our Ferry was going around midnight.

Everybody in the bus was sleeping, except for the driver and me.

Aldo I’m not that sure about the driver. I have problems with sleeping in the bus so I mostly just nap a little or watch through the window.

There were lot of trucks going to Dover . We got to the sign Dover – right and all the trucks in front of us turn right but our bus driver turned left.

I thought to myself – why are we going left?

All the trucks were going right and the sign was saying right – is there another way?

After few minutes the road was starting to go narrower and narrower.

Then we passed the sign – no large vehicles allowed!

Ok, we were definitely going the wrong way.

Finally our guide woke up so we tried to turn our double decker bus in someone’s backyard.

Do I have to tell you that we missed the ferry? Yeah, and the next one is in the morning – the morning when we should be in Amsterdam.

We got to Amsterdam around 01:00 PM.

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canal

We have 7 hours to spent here. All I planned for today wasn’t possible to do.

We went to see the house of Anne Frank but didn’t go inside because the line for the tickets was like at least  1 km long.

We went to the Dam square which lies in the historical center of Amsterdam.

There you can see the Royal Palace which was the city hall in the past.

There is also a Nieuwe Kerk – the gothic Church and the MasameTaussaud’s museum.

The National Monument  – white stone pillar is there for the victims of World War 2.

After that we went to the Rijksmuseum where they gave us free time.

First thing we did was going to the Cheese shop.

There are a lot of Cheese shops in Amsterdam and they have a great choice of cheese.

In every shop you can try the samples of the cheeses.

We tried everything, bought some cheese for home and then went to the flower market.

Amsterdam cheese

Amsterdam cheese

Holland is very famous for one flower and that is the Tulip. One of my favorite flowers.

You can buy on the flower market Tulip bulbs of every possible kind and color.

I really like blue and black ones so I bought some .



After we walked some more around the city, went to see the canals and tried to avoid the cyclists. 🙂

Time had run out to fast and it was time to go home.

Amsterdam bike

Amsterdam bike


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