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Budapest ZOO

When you are in Budapest you can visit one of the oldest Zoo’s  in the World.

It’s in the Városliget park, near the Heroe’s square.

Heroe's Square

Heroe’s Square

So you can visit the Heroes’ square, then visit the park where you can see the Vajdahunyad Castle on the lake.

Very nice place.

Then you can go to Budapest Zoo & Botanical garden.

You can buy  tickets online and that is very good idea because when we came to the entrance the line for the tickets was huge.

We bought our ticket on the newsstand few meters before the entrance and then just went in and didn’t have to wait.

So if you are going buy tickets online or on the newsstand. Or you can wait in line 😉

There is more than 1000 species there and to some animals you can get really close .

It was my first time a had the chance to touch the snake and I loved it.

Also you walk close by the Sloths who are so cute and sleepy 🙂



With the entrance ticket for the Zoo we also got a entrance to the Holnemvolt park.

It is a park where you can see animals, but you can also ride a rollercoaster made all of wood.

There is also a feeding area where you can buy food for goats.

There are many attractions there but for all of them you have to pay extra. It’s not very expensive.



Ticket price for the Zoo is around 8 €.



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