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Day 2 in Budapest

We got a Hop on/ Hop off tickets from our hotel . That’s a good way to see Budapest.

We got up a little earlier and first took a walk across the Margaret bridge and to the Parliament building.

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Budapest has many bridges and some of them are very beautiful.

My favorites are Liberty Bridge and Chain Bridge.

Liberty Bridge is also called  Franz Joseph Bridge, after the Austro-Hungarian King.

It  was built between 1894 and 1896, and is 333 m long.

Chain Bridge is the most popular Bridge in Budapest.

Full name of the Bridge is Széchenyi Chain Bridge referring to Count István Széchenyi.

It’s 375 m long.

On the Chain Bridge are the famous Lion statues who are guarding the Bridge on every side.

The Legend says that the person who designed the lions for the  Bridge

made a promise that the lions will be flawless.

He told everyone if anyone finds any flaw in the lions, he will jump off the Chain bridge in the Danube.

Lions have no tongue so he really jumped off the Bridge.

I heard that they pulled him out and he survived the jump. 🙂

Liberty Bridge Budapest

Liberty Bridge Budapest

Hungarian Parliament building is for me the most beautiful building in Budapest.

Parliament Building Budapest

Parliament Building Budapest

Opposite the building, across the river  there are many benches so you can sit there and enjoy the view.

The building is over 100 years old and it’s the third largest Parliament  building in the World.

You can get a guided tour of the Parliament that last around 45 minutes.

Only limited tickets are available so it’s better to buy them in advance .

You can do that on the web.

At night the building is lighted and it looks great.

You can see lot of birds flying around the top of the Parliament and that looks interesting at night.


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