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Bratislava is capital city of Slovakia and the largest city in that country.

Last year when we were in Budapest we decided to visit Bratislava.

From Budapest you have good connections with bus and it’s not a long ride so you can make a day trip there. So did we. We took the bus early in the morning and got back later in the evening.

One day is enough to see all the cities landmarks.

We found online „studentagency“  bus that was very good (every seat with dvd, we got hot beverage).We bought the tickets online.

The ride lasted 2.5 hours.  You watch the movie in the bus and you are there.

We visited the Bratislava castle or the „Bratislavský hrad“.



Some call it the turnaround table because it has 4 towers on every corner and if you would turn it around it would look like a table.

It is on a hill so you have a beautiful look on the city and on the Danube.

There you can see Novy bridge, on top of him is the UFO restaurant.

The Old town is quite small. There you can see Michael’s tower –  „Michalská brána“ which is preserved observatory of the city defense system.

The main square is close, it’s called „Hlavné námestie“.

There you can see the Roland Fountain which is one of the famous fountains in Bratislava and important landmark.



If you like statues and I really do, in Bratislava there are few you should visit.

One of the most famous is probably Cumil. Cumil is a man peeping out of the manhole.

He is a Man at work.  Great statue.



Also there is a statue of Napoleon leaning on the bench. Perfect for photo opportunity.



There is also a statue Schone Naci and statue of Hans Christian Anderson.

After walking all morning we decided to take a break. We went to a Pub called Narnia.

They had beer for 1 euro.

One thing you have to know about Bratislava – If you order a big beer you will get a 1 liter beer.

So if the waiter ask you if you are sure you want a big beer , you better be prepared 🙂

There are many restaurants in the center but they are little expensive.

If you go little out of the centre you can find a great meal for a good price.

We went for a Lunch in Slovak pub (there are few with the same name so this is the right one: http://www.slovakpub.sk/index.php/en/ )

The interior of the pub is great and they have few rooms with different interior.

There you can try some of the Slovak specialities like the Bryndzové Halušky – they are like dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. It is traditional Slovak food.



I liked it.

After we walked some more around city centre and then headed to the bus station.


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  1. Amazing architecture.

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