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If you are in Dublin and have time to spare I would recommend you to visit Howth.

Howth is a little village near Dublin, a fishing port where you have lot to see and also get a fresh fish for lunch.

Great place for a half day or whole day trip.

You can get to Howth from Dublin with bus or DART. We took DART. DART is fast train service, station is in city center and return ticket to Howth costs around 5 euro.

Trains are going every 15 minutes. Howth is about 15 km from Dublin.

When you get to the station in Howth you go out of the station and go left to the harbour.

There is much to see here.

Fisher's Cross

Fisher’s Cross

You can walk to the harbour, see the old town, visit the national transport museum, at the end of the West Pier, you can see the footprints of king George IV.

There are cliffs in Howth also, so you can climb up and have a great view.

There is a walking trail starting east of the town that follows the cliffs all over to the southern part of the peninsula. Take the leftmost road from the harbour.

The view is breathtaking and it’s really worth the walk.

Along the way, you’ll come across Dublin’s most visible lighthouse, the Bailey Lighthouse.

Bailey Lighthouse

Bailey Lighthouse

We were there in august and the wind was blowing so hard and it was very cold there so be prepared. In Dublin wasn’t so. Take a warm jacket and comfortable shoes.

After a long walk we were a little hungry so we went to Beshoff’s for some fish and chips.

I would definitely recommend you to get some fish and chips there because it’s fantastic.

I wanted to sit outside so we took it to go and we sat on a bench by the coast.

As we were sitting there and eating, there were some cute little birds coming close to us and wanted some food from us. I gave them a little and there were more and more of them just „talking“ to us and begging for food. After a while some seagulls came and it wasn’t so cute anymore. We finished our meal and went to the harbour.

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Howth is because  you can see Seals there.

And we were lucky to see them.

They were just swimming around and didn’t get very close but it was fun seeing them there.

I was very happy and my day was filled. 🙂



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