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Back to Dublin

I woke up a little sad. Sad to leave this beautiful place, where everybody says hello to you, where I finally got close to the sheeps and where the nature is so beautiful that is breathtaking.

But we had to go. Our bus was going at 8 AM. We had to change the bus first in Killarney and then again in Limerick.

We had some time in Limerick so we take a little walk and got us some sandwiches for breakfast. In Limerick we catch a bus for Dublin.  It was little crowded on the streets so we arrive a little later then expected. It was late afternoon.

This time we booked a double room in  Barnacles hostel in Temple bar. http://www.barnacles.ie/

We had great experience with Barnacles in Galway and so it was in Dublin.

Room was nice and clean, staff very helpful  and they have a very big kitchen for use with lot of sitting places.

And it’s in the Temple bar. What more do you need?

I can only recommend this hostel.

We checked in, left our luggage and went to the city to get something for dinner and for a beer .

We are staying 2 days in Dublin. Our next stations are  Howth, Guinness Storehouse and Kilmainham Gaol.

Ha'Penny Bridge

Ha’Penny Bridge


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  1. One day when I decide to visit Ireland, this website is going to be my first stop for planning the trip 🙂

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