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When I made plans for Ireland there was one place that caught my eye and that was Skellig’s Island.

I really wanted to visit that Island so I had to make plans how to get there.

All ships that are  going  to the Island are going from the Portmagee.

If you don’t travel with a car through Ireland than you have to make plans because is not very easy to get there.

There are only few bus lines and they are not running every day.

So I find a little hostel in the Cahersiveen that gives you free transport to the Portmagee

if you staying at they hostel and book a trip to Skellig through them. So we did that.

We took a bus in the morning from Cork to Cahersiveen.  We got there around 13h.

Bus station was opposite the hostel. The hostel  was Sive hostel http://www.sivehostel.ie/index.php



Very nice little hostel with great host Mary. We stayed in a private room in  old stone cottage which was lovely. 🙂

We left our stuff and went for a walk. Cahersiveen is a beautiful, little town.

Worth of staying a little longer there. We had a great time exploring the surroundings.

There you can see Royal Irish Constabulary barracks, now a heritage center and Daniel O’Connell Memorial Church.

Old Barracks Cahersiveen

Old Barracks Cahersiveen

There is also a beautiful Ballycarbery Castle. The Castle is not in good state but still looking incredibly.

ballycarbery castle

ballycarbery castle

I liked it very much. There is no entrance fee for visiting the Castle.

Near the Castle you can find two Forts – Cahergall Stone  Fort and Leacanabuaile Stone Fort.

Ring fort

Ring fort

Cahergall with walls approx 6 m high and some 3 m thick.

This dry stone wall fort is one of the best examples of an early medieval stone forts to be found on the Ring of Kerry.

There are also some nice beaches near and you can swim if you like,

but we were there in August and the water was sooooo cold i would never swim there.

There were a couple of brave Irish people who were swimming. Brrrrr. We just soaked our feet in the Atlantic ocean.

The nature surrounding us was incredible beautiful.

cahersiveen beach

cahersiveen beach

That was quite a walk, so if you don’t like long walks you should rent a bike or go with a car.

From Cahersiveen to the Castle, Forts and beach back to the hostel took us 4 hours.

With stops at every Fort, about 30 minutes at the beach and about 20 minutes at the Castle.

It was really worth it because you walk near  the fields with lots of sheep’s and every single resident says hello to you.



In these four hours it rained about 5 times and we changed from raincoat to t-shirt every 20 minutes.

When we got back we went to the supermarket and got something to eat, prepare it in our hostels kitchen and then went for some more sightseeing  in the town center.

We drank a beer and went back to hostel to sleep.

In the morning we are going to the Skellig’s Island.



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