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Blarney is a little town near Cork. There is  Blarney Castle and the famous Blarney Stone.

The famous stone is also known as the Stone of Eloquence.

Line for the Blarney stone

Line for the Blarney stone

You need to kiss it to gain the gift of eloquence. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards holding on to an iron railing .

I said to myself – I’m going to kiss that stone!

I have to say right away that it doesn’t work 😦

But  definitely is worth visiting the Blarney Castle.



We bought our tickets online on www.blarneycastle.ie.

We took  the no. 215 bus from Parnell Place Bus Station in Cork in the morning and went to Blarney.

You have buses all day long going from Cork to Blarney and back.

There is not just the Castle and the Stone, it’s the beautiful  nature that surrounds the Castle, the Lake,

trees from all over the World and also the Poison garden – with all kind of poisonous plants.



You can visit the Badgers cave .

When Cromwell’s general, Lord Broghill, besieged the castle and broke the tower walls he found only two trusty old retainers.

The main garrison had fled through this cave.

Then you should kiss the stone, maybe it would work for you 🙂 . There was quite a line for it.

Against the east wall of the Castle, you can see the ruins of a late eighteenth century Gothic mansion, known as ‘the Court’.

I really liked Rock Close, there you can find the Wishing Steps.



If you can walk down and back up these steps with your eyes closed  walking backwards – and without stopping for one moment to think of anything other than a wish,

then that wish will come true within a year. It’s not that easy , but it was fun.

Rock Close has the enchantment of a fairy glade and they say that in prehistoric times may well have been a place of Druidic worship.

Here you can find an ancient sacrificial altar, a Druid’s Circle, a hermit’s cave and a witch’s kitchen.

Around the Castle you can find different gardens.  One of them is Poison garden.

In this garden, the plants are so dangerous  that some are kept in cages.

It contains a collection of poisonous plants from all over the world including  Mandrake, Ricin and Opium.

Many of these are labelled with information about their toxicity and traditional and modern uses.

Except the Castle there is also a Blarney House.

Blarney house

Blarney house

Blarney House is a Scottish Baronial mansion. Very beautiful castle like house.

Our day in Blarney was perfect. There is really much to see there. I would recommend it to everybody.





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