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Dingle Peninsula

Our second day in Cork we decided to take u Tour to Dingle Peninsula.Again we went with Paddywagon tours.

Our first stop was by the Lough Leane, a lake near Killarney. It is a part of Killarney National Park.

Then we went to Killarney. We done some sightseeing.

There you can see the St. Mary’s Cathedral, Ross Castle and Muckross House and Abbey.

Killarney is very popular destination.

There is also a bronze statue of two deer, representing the saving of Killarney red deer,the oldest species in the country.

They were brought back from near extinction about 40 years ago.

After Killarney we went to visit the Gallarus Oratory.

It is believed to be an early Christian church.The oratory is built of large cut stones.

Then we went to Dingle, the only town on the Dingle Peninsula.

There we had some lunch and after that we went for a walk.

Dingle is famous about Fungie – the dolphin.

He is the major attraction in Dingle because he’s coming to Dingle harbor since 1984.

There is a bronze statue of him in the city. Unfortunately we didn’t see him. Just the statue.

Then we were supposed to go back to Cork, but something happened on the way to Dingle that provide us another destination.

We stopped  in Peninsula to make some pictures.

When we got back to the bus and left our driver got a phone call about 5 minutes later that we have left 2 girls there.

We got back to get them and our driver was feeling very bad about it.

So before getting back to Cork, we went to Inch Beach. This beach is 5 kilometers long, 5 kilometers of sand.

It’s great for walking and there were lot of surfers.

The wind was blowing pretty hard but there were people swimming and surfing

while we were almost freezing.



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