Cork is the second largest City in Ireland. It is located in the South-West Region.

We spend 3 nights there in the Bru Bar hostel. As the name says it’s a hostel and a bar.

It wasn’t  to noisy so we didn’t have problems with sleeping.

Also you get a discount in the bar if you stay in the hostel.

Only thing that wasn’t so good for me was the room. We were in the 6 dorm room and it was very small.

No place for nothing and too close to the other bed.

But I have looked at they web page recently and they made some changes

and one of the changes was taking 2 beds from some  6 dorm rooms (probably the one we were in) 😉

because they had some complaints about the size of the room.

That is good news, because the hostel is really OK and it’s close to the center and to the bus station.

We got settled in our room and went to the city.

When we got to Cork we found the Tourist Office and went there to ask for the direction to the hostel.

The girl working there was just explaining to a guy that came before us what to see in Cork

and that she lives near  St. Anne’s Church, where you can ring the world-famous  Shandon Bells.

She said that everybody do that and how the bells ring all day long so it isn’t nice to live so close to the Church like she does.

So we went to see the Church, but we didn’t ring the bell,  the bells were ringing anyway 🙂 .

The entrance to the Church is free, but if you want to ring the bell it will cost you 5 €.

After that we took a walk to the Elizabeth Fort. It was  built as a defensive fortification on high-ground outside the city walls.

Then we got back to the center and found an English market.

We went to see it and after that went to get something for dinner.

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