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I’m sitting in the bus heading west to Galway – my next destination.

You have to love Irish buses. They have WiFi  and electrical plugs so you can charge your phone.

That was very convenient so I send some e-mails to my friends and family. With beautiful pictures of Ireland.

We switched buses in Dublin and we got in Galway around 3 P.M.

We had reservation in Barnacles hostel which is in the city center. It was a 8-dorm room,

en-suite , very big and clean. I was very satisfied with the room.

With roommates not so much. First night we were in the room with 3 guys and 1 girl.

Two of the guys were twins, and the other two were a couple.

They came few minutes after us so we talked a little and then went our separate ways.

We took a map of the city on the reception and went for a walk around the city.

We visited the Galway Cathedral – Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas.

It’s a Roman – Catholic Cathedral and one of the largest buildings in the City.

After we just walked around city center until we got hungry. So we went to Mc Donagh’s for some fish&chips.

This restaurant is always full of people and it’s hard to get a seat. We got a fresh fish and very good chips.

After our meal we were thirsty so we went back to the city to find a pub which we passed by and my husband liked.

The pub is called Sally Long’s. If you like Hard Rock then you will love Sally Long’s. It’s very nice pub, playing rock and hard rock music.

We met some locals there, even the cousin of Gary Moore. We talked about our trip in Ireland and where we are going next.

And I realized that I was pronouncing the name of one city that we are visiting next wrong.

We laughed because Brigh – the girl we met didn’t understand which city that is.

So we had some beer, tried some new raspberry  cider and then went back to hostel to get some sleep.


When we got to our room  it was empty.

Just when we fell asleep the door opens and one of the twins drunk as hell comes in and start shouting – “No one is in the room, where are they?” (thinking of the friends he came with).

Then he shuts the door and goes away.

About hour later there comes the couple. Girl was OK, guy drunk and boring.

They went on and on about one hour – He telling her that he want’s to sleep in her bad ( he went from his to her bed and fell once on the floor)

and she telling him to be quiet and to go to his bed. As they finally went to sleep the twins returned to the room.

I really don’t know when we fall asleep.

And we had to get up at 8 A.M. because we were going to Cliffs of Moher.


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