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Top 10 places to visit in Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway

If I had to pick Top 10 places to visit in Norther Ireland, Giant’s Causeway would definitely be first on my list.

There are people who think that causeway is beautiful and there are others who think that they are just rocks.

The day we went to our trip to Giant’s Causeway was one of the best days I have spent in Ireland.
Again it was the free tour that we got from the hostel.
We got on the bus at 8 A.M. Our driver/guide name was Troy.

We had another pleasure of having a very funny driver, but in Ireland they mostly are great and funny.
First we went to Derry.

There we went on a tour around the city with a very nice man from Derry who told us everything about the history of the city, about Bloody Sunday and showed us the murals with explanation for every one we saw.

It was both interesting and sad at the same time.

After our tour around Derry we were on our way to Giant’s Causeway.

It started raining pretty hard, so when we got there we decided to have lunch first. I really wanted to try Irish coffee so I ordered one.

Troy saw what I ordered and then he came to our table and said: Good choice!
We ordered Irish stew and some sandwiches for lunch.
After lunch we put our rain coats and we headed down to causeway.
You can go down with a bus or you can walk. It takes you 15-20 minutes to get down by foot.
Although it was pouring rain we went for a walk. It was great.
We were stepping on the stones, taking photos and enjoyed the rain. The causeway is really beautiful.

There is of course a legend about the stones. It’s about giants.

One was Irish and his name was Finn and the other was from Scotland and his name was Benandonner.
Benandonner challenged Finn to a fight (some say he wanted his wife).

Finn built a causeway across North Channel so they could meet.
But when he saw how big Benandonner is he got scared and he hide.
When Benandonner came to fight him, Finn’s wife Oonagh disguised Finn as her baby.
When Benandonner saw the baby he got scared that Finn must be huge when his baby so big is.
So he run back to Scotland and destroys the causeway so Finn couldn’t follow him.
There are identical columns in Scotland on the Isle of Staffa.
There are some other legends, but I liked this one.
We went back to the restaurant to warm up a little and get dry so we decided to get a drink.
When we first got to Ireland my husband tried their cider and really liked it so he ordered Bulmers and I ordered Guinness.

And there comes Troy again. He saw what we were drinking so he started to explain to us how in Ireland girls drink the cider and boys drink the beer. We laughed.
Before we went back to bus, my husband said that we could try a Northern whiskey while we are here so we ordered a Bushmills – one to share.

And just when I took the glass there comes Troy and says: Oh my God! Whiskey? I’m not gonna carry you to the bus!

And then my husband said to him: Don’t worry, she can take it, she’s Croatian.

And so we laughed again 🙂


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