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Belfast, here we come!

We checked out of our hostel in Dublin and went to the bus station to catch the bus for Belfast.

We got to Belfast around 1 PM and went for a search for our hostel.

We found the street where it should be but couldn’t find the building. So we waited for someone to pass by so we can ask for the direction.

Finally after few minutes we found someone who knew where is the hostel.

They didn’t have any sign on the building and no number. No indication that could be the hostel.

We checked in .

Again we stayed in Paddy’s hostel for the free one day tour to Giant’s Causeway.

Hostel wasn’t in very good condition  and our room was pretty bad, but I heard that they recently renovated so I hope that now is much better.

We were there  for only 2 night’s so I survived 😉

We were in 6 dorm room, we left our luggage there and went to the City.

We took a walk to the Belfast City Hall, it is located in Donegall Square.

It is a very beautiful building and  the grounds of City Hall are popular for relaxation during the summer.

So we also sit down for a little and relaxed and enjoyed the great sunny weather (which is rareness  in Ireland).

After a while we went to see some murals. Murals  have become symbols of Northern Ireland.

Belfast and Derry contains the most famous political murals in the country.

They have been painted throughout the last century and display all important historic as well as political developments.

Then we went to the Botanic gardens. They are located on Stranmillis Road in Queen’s Quarter near  the Queen’s  University.

Before getting back to the hostel we went to the pub and had a beer 😉



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