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Dublin day 2

We got up around 9 AM and went to the City.

We’ve bought us some sandwiches for breakfast and went to our first destination for today: Jameson distillery.

We bought the tickets for the tour online on they website: www.jamesonwhiskey.com

The tour started with a short film and our tour guide James asked for volunteers for Whiskey tasting at the end of the tour.

My husband applied and I’m a little sorry I didn’t too.

Then James took us through factory showing us how the whiskey is made and making us laugh. He explained everything and we had good time.

At the end of the tour we got to choose a drink: pure whiskey, whiskey with cola, ginger or cranberry juice.

I took Jameson with cranberry juice, it was very good.

Then all the volunteers had the whiskey tasting and we were watching.

They got 3 whiskeys in little transparent glasses and they had to try one by one and try to guess what they drink and tell how was it.

They were tasting Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels and Jameson. It was interesting and very funny.

They all received diplomas . My husband is now certified Whiskey taster 🙂 It is a nice souvenir.

After spending a morning in Jameson, we went to the Trinity college.

We took a tour around college with a student and after that went to visit the Library and see the Book of Kells.

After that we got something to eat and went back to the hostel.

Behind our hostel was the bus station so we went there to check when we have bus to Belfast and maybe buy tickets.

That was interesting because when you have to buy bus tickets in my country, usually you have to do it few days before you travel.

Especially if you travel in summer.

When we got to the bus station in Dublin it sounded something like that:

Me: Hello, can you help me,  please?

Guy: Yes, what do you need?

Me: I would like to buy bus tickets to Belfast

Guy: When do you want to go?

Me: Tuesday, 1 PM

Guy: Today is Sunday

Me: OK, I want to go to Belfast at Tuesday, 1 PM

Guy: Then you come at Tuesday and buy tickets then

Me: But, what if they sell all the tickets for 1 PM?

Guy: Then you buy tickets for 2 PM, or 3 PM, or 4 PM, you have buses every hour for Belfast

Me: Really?

Guy: Yes

Me: Great, thank you!

Guy: You are welcome!

And we bought our tickets at Tuesday. At 1 PM we were on the bus to Belfast. 🙂



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