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Let’s go to…. Ireland

If someone would ask me few years ago: If you could go to any Country in the World, where would you go?

My answer would definitely be : IRELAND

I always wanted to visit Ireland, it was on top of my “to visit” list.

Two years ago, my husband and I decided to go on a vacation somewhere different then usual (Adriatic See).

As we had some money saved we started thinking where could we go.

My husband said : Spain! And I said : Ireland!!!

And so it was, decision was to go to Ireland.

It was the first time for us to go on a vacation with a plane and also the first time for me to organize everything by myself because arrangements for Ireland with travel agencies are very expensive from Croatia.

It was February when we decided about our vacation that was in August so i had plenty of time to make all the plans.

I was very excited  and was spending every day time on the Internet looking where could we go, what to visit, how to go there, how much costs everything and so on.

At that time there wasn’t any low-budget company in Croatia  that flew to Ireland so we decided to go from Budapest with Ryanair. (Today you can go from Zadar).

In summer time we have very cheap train tickets to Budapest (around 30 € for return ticket) so that was the cheapest way for us to go to Dublin.

So we traveled with train from Koprivnica to Budapest and then with the plain to Dublin.

When we landed in Dublin it began our 15 days of fun, pleasure, beauty and happiness.

Read more about it in my next posts 🙂




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