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Tunisia part 3.

On our second day in Tunisia we took a trip to the capital City – Tunis. Tunis is Tunisia’s largest city.

There we visited the old Medina. We walked, haggled and we bought some souvenirs.

We didn’t stay very long. We went to The Bardo National Museum.

This museum contains a major collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities.

Then we went to our next stop and that was Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful little white and blue city about 20 km from Tunis.

Every house, window and fence in this town is colored in white and blue color. Very interesting.

The town is located on top of a steep cliff, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the sight from there is just magnificent.

There we went to oldest cafe in the city and had some mint tea with pine nuts which I liked so much that i started drinking mint tea regularly at home.

The cafe is called Cafe des Nattes and is worth of visiting.

Prices are very good, much better then in cafes that are having the view on the sea – there you have to pay for the view, I guess.

In caffe Nattes we payed for the tea about 1,50 dinars which is pretty cheap.

The cafe is very interesting, the interior is great, we had to take off our shoes and you sit on the stand.

We relaxed there a little and then we went to the final destination for the day and that was Carthage.

Carthage is UNESCO-s World Heritage Site. We visited ruins that are left of the ancient city.

We came back to the hotel in the evening. We had to rest because the next day was starting our 2 – day tour to the Desert.

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