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Before we continue with Tunisia, here is a post about Moscow.

On Christmas Eve I got the best phone call ever. I applied for the prize draw and won the first prize.

The prize was one day trip to Moscow and going to the hockey game between Medveščak (Zagreb) and Spartak (Moscow).

I always wanted to go to Russia, I even started to learn the language 2 years ago.

I was so excited that i couldn’t sleep. We went to Moscow on 07.01. and got there in the evening.

We settled in „Hilton“ hotel. The hotel is in one of the „Seven Sisters“ building.

The Seven Sisters are a group of seven skyscrapers in Moscow which were built for Stalin.

After settling we went to restaurant „ Dorian Gray“ where we had dinner. It was great.

We had some pasta with scampi for appetizer and for main course I had fish and my husband had roasted goose.

We got back to the hotel around 01:00 AM. In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel and there is nothing you couldn’t find for eating.

Absolutely excellent offer of everything.

Then we had organized tour to the city so we went to the Red Square.

There we admired the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed. It is absolutely the most beautiful Cathedral that I have seen. I just love its colors.

The church has been part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.

After I took like a hundred photos of the church we walked through the Red Square. We bought some souvenirs and had to go back to the bus.

We ride the bus through the city and enjoyed the view. We had arranged lunch in „Pushkin“ restaurant.

There we had some fancy lunch (quail soup and staff like that). Interior of the restaurant was great, the staff had great uniform and you feel like you stepped back in time.

I liked it very much. The bathroom was also old – fashioned and very nice.

We didn’t have to pay for lunch, but i would say that this restaurant is pretty expensive.

Then we had back to the hotel to pack our staff. We had a little time so we went to the Supermarket and buy some Russian candy and of course Vodka to take home.

At 04:00 PM we went to the Sports hall to attend the hockey game.

It was my first time to see hockey game in the Arena. Till now I only saw it on TV. It was great, and the best thing is that our team won !

I hope some day I will go back and have little bit more time for sightseeing.

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