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I’m really not a Winter person. I like Sun and warmth and can’t wait for Spring to come back.

I believe that is because I’m always cold. My hands and my feet can’t stand anything under 10 degrees.

And all this clothes – first the undershirt, then the t-shirt and pullover and the biggest and warmest jacket.

The scarf and the hat, gloves, tights, socks, pants…. omg! Too much of everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas time and hanging with my family and friends in a warm room,

sometimes I even like the snow, but just for a week or so is just enough for me.

It is just not for me, although I was born in Winter.

But what can you do? You have to accept it , try to enjoy a little bit and wait for the Spring.

I also like to remember my vacations in warm places. One of this places is Tunisia.

Few years ago Tunisia became one of the top destinations for vacation from my Country.

You can get very good travel arrangements for not so much money.

All the arrangements includes the plane ticket and all-inclusive hotel.

So we decided to go with some of our friends.

It was the end of September and the weather there was perfect. It was still summer there .

We went with plane from Zagreb in the evening and came to the Monastir airport in Tunisia late .

There was travel agent waiting for us and show us to the bus. We had to go about 1,5 h with the bus from the airport to our destination.

We were in the Jasmine Hammamet resort in hotel EL Mouradi.

We came in the hotel around midnight and when we got our keys we took our thing to the room and then went to get a beer.

We had all-inclusive so everything we eat or drink is free.

There was a snack bar that is open until 03:00 AM so we ordered a pizza and drink couple of beers and then went to sleep.

It will be continued…


  1. I can understand you… One week or maybe two of winter will be quite enough 😉
    Tunisia, its warm sun and sea, its warm sand on the beach — I still remember our vacation there although more than five years has passed.

    • Fairy says:

      I hope to go again some day, but for now i have some other destinations to visit 🙂 I just won a 2 day trip to Moscow so I’m very excited. Just a little sad that it isn’t for a little longer

      • I hope too… And you’re very right there are many other destinations! (Actually the only place I visited twice was Crete island, Greece.)
        Moscow is a beautiful city yet it’s crowded to some extent. Anyway enjoy your trip! 😉

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