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Disneyland Paris

Our last day in France was reserved for Disneyland Paris.

Although we could stay in Paris that day, we have chosen to go to Disneyland.

Well, it is Disneyland and I just love amusement parks.

We arrived early, bought tickets and took the map of the park. The adventure could begin.

Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort about 30 km from Paris. It is the most visited attraction in France.

We went straight to the first attraction – Space Mountain.

Space Mountain is very good roller-coaster – it’s a cannon that fires you into space!

We had to go two times because I was afraid the first time and had my eyes closed for the whole ride and when we were finished my husband told me that you see the stars and meteorites when roller-coaster goes through dark space. And I missed it! So – again in the waiting line and let’s go again .

Then we went to the „Big thunder mountain“. The waiting line was enormous and the coaster broke down while we were waiting in line so we had to wait about an hour until they fixed it and the line started to move forward.

We wouldn’t wait if we knew it was broken, but we got that information after half an hour and there was around 100 people behind us in the line so we decided to wait.

The ride was OK but nothing  special. Not enough adrenalin. It is like a Wild West mine train.

After that we went to see „Captain EO“. It is the 3D movie with Michael Jackson. Loved it! Great visual effects and nice story combined with Michael Jackson’s music.

We wanted some more adrenaline so we went to „Phantom Manor“ . It’s the haunted house. It was nice but not really scary.

Next was the „Star Tours“. Well… Star wars – do I need to say anything else. Give me R2D2 and I am happy. That was enough for me. I liked it.

If you like „Finding Nemo“ there is a roller-coaster called „Crash coaster“. It’s a nice ride in a turtle shell.

Struggle against the East Australian Current inspired by the „Finding Nemo“.

Unfortunately we didn’t had enough time and we missed a lot of attractions, also the Indiana Jones roller-coaster didn’t work that day.

But I have saved my two favorites coasters for last.

They are great and awesome. If you like speed and adrenaline you gonna loved those.

First one is „Rock’n’Roller coaster starring Aerosmith“ . It has a very fast start – you go like a rocket up to 100 km/h in three seconds

and all with the sound of Aerosmith music. Pure Rock’n’Roll.

Must do!

The second one is The Hollywood Tower hotel, inspired by the Twilight Zone. You ride in an elevator up and down in a hotel.

Sometimes the elevator stops and doors opens and you see ghosts or when you are on top floor you have a beautiful view on park.

And then you go up and down and again up and down, weeeeeeeeee!!

It’s great! My favorite!

And before you notice it, the day is over.

We watched the parade, ate some Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and it was the time to go to the bus and head home.

The French adventure was over.

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