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There are many amusement parks in Italy. One of the famous is Gardaland.

Gardaland is located at the lake Garda which is near Verona in Italy. The park was opened in 1975. From Croatia there are many one or two day tours through the year that are very affordable so it is a very popular destination. Good thing about the park is that the attractions are divided in three categories: Adrenaline, Adventure and Fantasy.

Everybody can find something for himself. Adrenaline is of course for those who like fast rides and exciting roller coasters and are not afraid of anything. Adventure is for those little less courage but still fun and exciting, and Fantasy is mostly for little children.

So let’s get to know some of the rides and attractions.

I’m gonna start with Adrenaline.

I have to say that I am really afraid of heights .

In spite of that i looooove roller coasters so I always somehow take courage and go on every ride.(all though I have to admit I saw some really scary ones online that I’m not so sure I would go to). So if you are afraid of heights you can imagine how much adrenaline I get in amusement parks.

The most famous roller coaster in Gardaland is definitely Blue tornado. So when we planned on what rides we are gonna go, Blue tornado was the first on our list. When the park opened we run to it and there was already lots of people standing in line so we stood too. 20 minutes later was our turn. We took our place and then it started. First it goes very slowly up up up. And for me that is the worst part. Because your legs are dancing beneath you and you are very high. But when you get to the highest point that is when the fun begins. It goes very fast down and up and it turns you around and you can just scream and enjoy. I liked it very much. Blue tornado is «must do».

Next thing on our list was Space Vertigo or better known as Free Fall. That was a challenge. Again very slowly up up up up to the top and that is 40 meters. Oh my , oh my. Then you stay up for few seconds and enjoy the view, if you can of course. Or like me, pray that it goes down as soon as possible. When it goes down, you don’t have a chance to think or anything because you are already down, so fast is it.

Magic mountain is my favorite roller coaster. It’s not that fast and scary so it is for everybody. It goes 70 km/hour and the ride lasts about 2 minutes.

Raptor is pretty new roller coaster, opened to the public in 2011. It has several rollovers and is very exciting. Ride lasts around minute and half.

The roller coasters i didn’t like were Sequoia adventure and Top Spin.

Sequoia is roller coaster that goes very slow, about 15 km/hour and half of time you are upside down. If you are smaller person like me, you have a feeling that you gonna fell out of your chair. That was very scary for me.

Top Spin turns you very fast upside down and you have most of the time your head looking down. I had a feeling that it lasted very long and just wanted to get off it.

I would say that the Top Spin, Sequoia adventure and Space Vertigo are the rides with the most adrenaline.

Rides I really like a lot are as I call them „water coasters“ . In Gardaland there are three water coasters:

Colorado boat – where you ride in a what looks like wooden log and you ride through river Colorado.You can get wet on this ride, but not much.

Then there is more popular Fuga da Atlantide where you ride in a boat, 20 people fit in there. Two times you slide with this boat down and if you are in first row you can get very wet, but if you sit anywhere else then you can avoid getting wet.

The last water coaster is Jungle rapids – here you ride in a big tire, 9 people fit in there. Here you can also get very wet depends on where you are sitting or how the tire turns in water .

From the Fantasy I have to mention Flying Island – it is a viewpoint and it takes you up to 50 meters and from there you have a great view on lake Garda and on the whole amusement park.

Kaffeetassen is where you sit in a cup (of coffee) and it turns, it looks really easy but i have to say that some of my friends (who had no problems with adrenaline rides) have said that there felt sick after that ride, so you never know , it can be deceiving.

One thing you should go to see is definitely Magic house – it’s a house of illusion and it is very interesting.

Also very good are: The spectacular 4D adventure and the 4D movie theater where is at the time L’era Glaciale.

There are more rides in Gardaland but I choose  the ones I liked.

There are also many restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

In Gardaland you could also see the show with the dolphins but the show was cancelled.

Near Gardaland is Sea Life so you can visit the aquarium.

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