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Let’s go :)

My very first trip out of my country was to Italy.

I was walking one day by the Tourist agency and saw the trip to Gardaland. I talk to some of my friends and we decided to go. It was a 2 day tour. First day we went to Verona and Safari park nearby and the second day was for Gardaland.

We got up very early in the morning and went to meet others. Got on the bus and started our trip.

We had a short stop in Trojane, Slovenia where everybody has to stop to try the biggest and very delicious donuts. It is a “must do”.

We came to Verona in the morning, around 10 AM.

Verona is a beautiful city. They are famous about the story about Romeo and Juliet, and you can go to see the houses where they lived and go to the famous Julia’s balcony. That is the most popular site in Verona. We went to see it.

After that we went to see Verona’s Roman Arena – it is the third largest amphitheater in Italy.

Today there are held Opera festivals and theater.

If you want to see if you are honest person you have to go underneath the “Rib of the Whale” because the legend says that is going to fall on the honest man. It didn’t fall yet 😉

You have to go to Piazza delle Erbe – that is the historical center of the city, surrounded by historical buildings and towers. One of them is the Lamberti tower (Torre dei Lamberti)

Tower is from 12. Century and its height is 84 meters. It is the highest tower in Verona.

It was built to warn people of Verona if there was a fire or if the Venetians are attacking.

The view from the Lamberti tower is just magnificent, so if you are in Verona that is something you shouldn’t miss.

Lago di Garda was our second destination; it is the lake near Verona. Biggest lake in Italy. You have a feeling like you came to the See and not the lake. It’s a nice place to take a walk and just relax.

If you are going to Gardaland you should go to the attraction called “Flying Island” and from there you can see the lake and the whole amusement park.

After visiting Lago di Garda we went to Safari park – Parco Natura Viva.

In one part of the park we went with the bus, driving close to the animals. We had a close encounter with the Giraffe. That was very funny – she tried to put her head in the bus.

The other part of the park is Fauna park which is for pedestrians.

When we were there they had some rare and beautiful animals like albino lion and albino peacock.

There is a lot of animals from all over the world. They also have a “Dinosaur park” where you can see the models of the dinosaurs.

All in all it’s a great place to see.

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